Whack Your Boss


Game Info


Here are 19 different ways of giving a lesson to your boss so respect you more. WHACK YOUR BOSS ist eine Actionspiel. Solltest du mal so richtig richtig auf deinen Chef sackig richtig oder Vorgesetzten sein, dann ist WHACK YOUR BOSS genau das richtige Spiel für dich. Aber du weisst, ist nur ein Spiel! Whack Your Boss for free Android download, we recommend to choose your device model, and our system will pick up for you the most suitable game files. Download the game hits your head free Tablet is very convenient: choose the necessary file and press "Download Whack Your Boss in Android" then choose one of the modes of download and the game will appear on your phone! Download Whack Your Boss for Android was never so simple! Your boss is an ogre and you already can't stand this situation you want to resign, the game offers you 19 forms so you desquites you of the. Search the object in office only gives you one click and gives him a beating to your boss. If you are tired of your boss don't stop giving up the ass again and again, it enters this game. You can make anything you want. This game shows you 20 things you should not do in your work. Have fun watching how an employee gives hosts to your boss. Click on various objects to trigger events. Click CLEANER to clean the mess and still playing. In this game you will have 24 different ways to destroy the captious boss who came to you in Dept to poorat′ on you. You realize that you need with this end, taking any subject from the Department or a corridor, you start to beat the best of his boss. Find all 17 ways to make your boss.

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